The Transformation of Human Consciousness for The Golden Age....

The One Project defines morality and the shared global values for the transformation of human consciousness, the second coming. It promotes collaborative, constructive and benevolent projects that will benefit all of humanity, uniting all people across all the faiths of love, ensuring the sustainability and survivability of Human Beings on Earth.

It promotes a 'zero-growth' economic model through the efficient and effective use of resources to eliminate global poverty and hunger, and reverse the environmental catastrophe that has been created through greed.

20% of all proceeds from the eBooks will be donated to The One Project Foundation to support these aims.

Click on the links below for The One Project books that are currently available. Each will enable a free preview of their content.

The Book of Intention (eBook)

The Book of Intention (Paperback)

The Book of Intention (Hardcover)

The Book of Life (eBook)

The Book of Life (Paperback)


Stephen Ridley, founder of The One Project and author of these books, is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a Chartered Certified Accountant, and has a master's degree in Technology Management. He lives in England.

Click here for The One Project web-site.

The web-site contains additional information on the survival of Human Beings on Earth, preparing for the transformation of human consciousness.

The third book in The One Project trilogy, The Book of Outcomes, is under construction. It defines a blueprint for the survivability of Human Beings on earth, including a new economic and financial model that creates a free will, collaborative, constructive and benevolent outcome for all Human Beings, freedom from control and a release from deceptive leadership.